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Every case is personalized

At a large law firm, clients may never meet with a lawyer; clerks and paralegals might give you a one-size-fits-all answer. Mr. Mickey Burstein and his clients form a team.  The client must be an active participant in preparing a  case, negotiating a claim, and litigating the case in court.  The client was not a spectator when he/she got injured, so he/she would not want to be a spectator during the *resolution of the case.

*resolution: settlement, arbitration, or trial

Clients’ needs are recognized

Mr. Burstein specializes in personally guiding his clients through the maze of insurance claims and court proceedings.  As a solo practitioner, he takes the time necessary so that every client understands what is and what is not possible.  

Building relationships

When clients have the misfortune of an additional accident, they return to Mr. Burstein for his advice and careful and personalized service. Clients confidently refer their injured friends and relatives to him.

Client Testimonials


Our clients pay no fees if we do not collect on their behalf.